Election 2018

Thank you to everyone for your support of the Democratic ticket for this past November’s Township Council elections. More information on the three Democratic Councilmembers-elect can be found below (click through for more information on each).

Meet the Candidates

Elizabeth Stamler

Elizabeth Stamler

Elizabeth is a lifelong township resident who has been an Assistant Superintendent of Weights and Measures for Union County since 2010.

Roshan “Roc” White

Roshan White

Roshan is a former Marine and Gulf War veteran and member of the United Association of Plumbers who has been involved in local youth sports leagues.

Joshua Losardo

Josh Losardo

Josh is an attorney who has been involved in local youth baseball and soccer leagues as well as the Jewish Community Center.

What Our Candidates Stand For

  • Responsible Compliance with Fair Share Housing
    • Develop long-term plan based on projected population growth to ensure that our schools, emergency services, streets and parks are prepared.
    • Keep residents up to date with all information relating to affordable housing as well as engaging in Legislative advocacy for the reduction of the number of new affordable housing units that are currently required in Scotch Plains.
  • Rebuilding our Downtown
    • We’re eager for Scotch Plains to take its first steps towards redevelopment, but we must ensure to not overbuild while also preserving the character and history of our town.
  • Better Results for Taxpayers
    • We’re proud that we were able to expand services while simultaneously stabilizing municipal taxes when we had the majority on Council.
    • Explore all opportunities to provide residents with more open space, updated fields, and passive areas to enjoy.
  • Public Safety
    • We are committed to ensuring that our Emergency Responders have everything they need to ensure the safety of our residents. Being proactive in how to better protect our residents will always be our top priority.

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Ensure you are registered to vote – your vote is your voice! More information on voting can be found here.


Checks can be made out to Scotch Plains Victory 2018 and sent to: P.O. Box 252, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076.


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Roc, Elizabeth & Josh